» What Exactly Do Men Want ? ( A Complain Of A Bitter Lady ) by: Kenny11973 .:. Fri, 19 Dec, 2014 - 11:20:32:am GMT

I was with a female friend today and she complained about Men bitterly. she said Men are so complicated , so confusing and so so hard to please ! If you try to please them , You're cheap ! If you love them , You're a love peddler or too emotional ! If you don't love them , You're playing hard to get ! If you give them attention , You're begging them ! If you don't give them attention , You're with other men ! If you demand for attention , You're a nagging woman ! If you didn't give them attention , You're not understandable ! If you dress sexy , You're attracting other men ! If you don't dress sexy , You're awkward or local woman ! If you cook and wash their cloths , You're desperate , If you didn't cook and wash their cloths , You're not a wife material ! If you're beautiful , You can't stay with one man ! If you're ugly , You're not up to standard ! If you're independed , You're chasing men away ! If you're depended , You're a liability ! If you're pregnant , You want to trap them ! If you're not pregnant , You're not a woman or might have damage your womb ! If you ask for money , You're too demanding ! If you didn't ask for money , You have other plans !!!!!! WHAT DO MEN REALLY WANT . I can't any thing than all men are not the same. Then I remember Beneyoyo forum will be the place to get answers to the my friend complain. So ladies and gentle men feel free to express yourself. Thanks.
**kenny g**

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Re: What Exactly Do Men Want ? ( A Complain Of A Bitter Lady ) by: Funmo .:. Fri, 20 Feb, 2015 - 05:43:23:pm GMT


This is a billion-pounds question. If what a man wants in woman should be written in a book, all available papers will be exhausted. What we men want is unlimited and infinite. We want everything. Just like every other human, our wants are limitless. And that we want in a woman cannot be exhausted. We want it all. But for clarification and enlightenment purposes, I will give a summary of what I think men want in women overall. I don't promise a complete list, but if any woman can give her man all these, she is going to enjoy her man - that too I can't guarantee.
This list isn't in descending or ascending order. So, one is not more important than the other.


Respect, a lot of it. Backed with actions: A man wants to be respected at all times. Thanks to our egos. But he wants you to always make your own points too, even if it is in an argument. Just be respectful with how you go about it.

Sex. With dynamics: Men are liable to cheat if you are lacking in this aspect and romance. Save your marriage and learn all the tricks he needs to be pleased.


Unconditional love: can you just love him and prove that you do, unconditionally.

Trust: he wants you to always believe him. Even if you don't, act like you do. It gives you an edge.

Care and Pampering: a man wants to be cared for and pampered like a baby. Of course he still wants to be seen as a man whilst he is being a baby.

No secrets: He feels hurt when he discovers that issue/development you have always hid from him.


Prudence: even though he is stinking rich, or otherwise. He cherishes prudence. Home economics please.

Accountability: be as much as accountable you can be. Where is the money going to. Every money spent must reflect.

Savings: you don't want to know how relieving it is when he is broke and money appears magically from you.


Prayers: no matter his spiritual level and prowess, he appreciates prayers from you.


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Re: What Exactly Do Men Want ? ( A Complain Of A Bitter Lady ) by: Sambadancer .:. Thu, 05 Mar, 2015 - 03:51:37:pm GMT

What men want from women?

What do men want from women?
guys, what do you want in women?

I know that to be honest I want all the cliches (in women). I want the D cup breasts, very short skirts and really clear skin. Please don't answer like me (unless you agree)...What do you want in women?

Question for guys only


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Re: What Exactly Do Men Want ? ( A Complain Of A Bitter Lady ) by: Berlins .:. Thu, 05 Mar, 2015 - 03:53:17:pm GMT

I'm generally into skinny women with hair I like, a pretty face and a personality I can put up with. She obviously has to be shorter than me too or at least my height (I'm 5'8").

It's a plus if she has a nice bottom and/or some breasts on her: at least not trying to give a fake answer


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Re: What Exactly Do Men Want ? ( A Complain Of A Bitter Lady ) by: Peter .:. Thu, 05 Mar, 2015 - 03:57:22:pm GMT

it kinda depends. i prefer brunettes over lighter hair. I rather a bit fat or chubby over a girl who is really skinny and you can see her ribs. clear skin is nice. but big breasts are not that great. sometimes smaller ones are just as good. short skirts are good but if you in public with her to many guys are checking her out, so most times a pretty dress is more then enough. i like a girl with soft hands. it sounds seedy but because I am a builder i always have miner cuts and grazes on my hands and my hands a hard from physical labour. so holding a girls soft hand can be a good thing. she has to always smile, girls who don't are ugly.

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