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Controversial South African Pastor Daniel Lesego of the Rabboni Centre who once made his church members eat grass is in the news again.

This time, he reportedly asked his congregants to drink petrol.

Pastor Lesego tasting the petrol

Pastor Lesego tasting the petrol

A video circulating online shows the man of God praying for a bottle which according to him contained petrol, to be turned to pineapple juice.

He then offered it to his congregants to drink. Some of them were exclaiming how "sweet' and "nice' it tastes, some said it tasted like the blood while some others begged for more.

A member falls under the 'anointing' after drinking the petrol

A member falls under the "anointing' after drinking the petrol

The video shows the pastor demonstrating his "miraculous" power in front of the congregation, with spectators shouting hallelujah.

Pastor Lesego giving member petrol

Pastor Lesego giving member petrol

Some of the followers are seen collapsing after drinking from the bottle of petrol turned into juice.

You can watch video below:

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Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries made headlines around the world when he in January 2014.

In June, in June 2014, as a way of him demonstrating the relationship one has with God and the mystery of Christ.

Not too long ago, a photo surfaced showing the man during deliverance.


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Re: Pastor Lesego Gives Congregants Petrol To Drink (VIDEO) by: Funmo .:. Tue, 03 Feb, 2015 - 05:50:43:pm GMT


"In your name we cast out demons and healed the sick"

I am concerned for majority of Christians, majorly those who worship pastors and general overseers instead of the Almighty God. I am not against respecting God's vessels and holding them in high self esteem, it will be foolish of me to be. Men of God must be accorded the due respect, but God must be given all the glory and adoration, him alone. It just seems obvious that the church is deviating everyday from the supposed mission and vision - winning souls and upholding the faith. His stand was clear when he said "go ye into the world and make of them disciples", not collecting special offerings and performing stunts.

The gifts and calling of God are without repentance, meaning pastors will continue to manifest God's gifts in their lives even when they are not doing his will anymore. They will continue to manifest gifts of healing, word of knowledge and wisdom, miracles working, etc, yet God is not in it. It is just saddening seeing how the devil is at work via vessels. Members flock churches and believe the pastor's words and acts even when it has no Biblical backings.

The end is nigh and everyone will be held accountable for their works. No blames will be on the pastors for misleading the sheep, the sheep will be quizzed for not consulting the bread of life when it needed food. All worldly pastors and Christians alike will answer to every act they exhibit. They may cast out demons in Jesus' name, heal the sick and open the eyes of the blind, yet Jesus doesn't know them, and he regards such works as evil and sinful. Yet, those works hold sway in churches more than the true Gospel.


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