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I was told that love doesn't cost a thing So it was when gods roamed with our aged Then pedaling won hearts Strength begot wife physical appearance unmeasured Now things have fallen apart Though the centre still holds Love have been christened Many now see it as a means of survival Some see it as a game Love now misplaced for lust Appearance mattered Just like the nation The richer has more love The poor has less love With gold,love is a guarantee With silver,some tasking But with bronze,uncertainty Julies know ask the question What can this Charlie offer? The proverb 'Men are never Ugly' changed As those without the 30pieces are seen as ugly Then as a young man Who believe so much in love got confused Love! 21st century users has redefined you And here hoping to find your true location Hope you still exist or have they erase you? That I am yet to find out! Because I have become a researcher Researching you like its first degree thesis Love,where are thou?

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